Brand Evolution, Strategy, Visual Design

Power in You

Client: Pasadena Public Health Department      Date: April 2018

Allegra was awarded a contract to provide research, strategy, branding, marketing and implementation services for a complex mental health program funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) known as Project Wraparound. Project Wraparound is a multi-service program intended at increasing coordination and effectiveness among community-based behavioral health service providers to enhance the mental well-being of underserved youth and families.  Research and brand development assisted with naming Project Wraparound, now known as Power In You, a campaign which represents the power within each individual to take charge of their destiny and overcome obstacles. The idea behind Power In You is to make teens feel empowered to “supercharge their mental wellness”, but not to give the message that they are responsible for or the cause of their problems.  The objective of Power in You is to creative a lively message that combats a feeling of helplessness, which is common in mental health issues, and to energize teens to take action by calling the phone number or visiting the website.

Our firm divided the entire project into five distinct phases.  Phase 1 included key stakeholder interviews and focus groups, phase 2 consisted of a comprehensive outreach strategy, phase 3 included a key messaging and branding strategy, phase 4 involved the following creative and graphic tactics and activities, and phase 5 involved implementation strategies.

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