Sofia Garcia

Director of Communications 

Sofia Garcia is Allegra Consulting’s resident “MacGuyver” when it comes to communicating, coordinating, commissioning, collaborating, and conducting.

Since joining Allegra Consulting in 2010, Sofia’s innate analytical and communication skills allow her to excel in both traditional and digital marketing processes and organization with a primary emphasis on producing well-analyzed, cost-saving, award-winning campaigns.

Sofia’s ability to clearly define, organize, and convey relevant concepts is her most significant asset, second only to her tenacity in finding new ways to increase market share for our clients. Sofia is masterful in her attention to detail when it comes to conducting market research and analytics; overseeing data analysis and evaluation; collaborating with creative, IT and production teams; and devising positioning guidelines and brand strategy.

Sofia brings with her nearly 13 years of experience in brand message implementation and management in public relations, communications, and marketing in media relations, social media, and public sector branding campaigns.

  • 12+ years of public relations and branding experience
  • Intensive background in brand development and architecture
  • Masterful in all facets of digital and traditional media
  • Ahead of the curve in social media messaging tactics
  • An acute sense of judgment, tact, ethics, and diplomacy
  • A true collaborator specializing in teamwork and execution
  • B.A. Journalism, Sacramento State University