Meera Manek

Director of Public Information and Outreach

Meera Manek, MBA is a dedicated communicator and outreach/event coordinator with the ability to build consensus and influence change. As Allegra’s in-house organizational leader and public speaker with experience in community outreach, public speaking, events and meeting facilitation, Meera is an expert at bringing diverse groups together, while promoting the objectives and messaging. Meera has worked with Allegra to deliver high profile events and presentations to elected officials, town hall style community meetings, staff training sessions and other high profile events. Meera has a wonderful personality and knows how to deliver key messaging and facts to difficult audiences.  

Meera oversees all community outreach, public meeting presentations messaging to smaller groups. Prior to Allegra, Meera has worked as a non-profit management consultant providing groups with services in communications and management, strategic, policy, and, advocacy planning, event planning, meeting facilitation, donor relations, and fundraising. Meera holds a Master’s in Business Administration/Kogod School of Business at American University Washington D.C. and Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of California, Irvine.

  • 10+ years of professional event planning
  • 5+ years of community outreach
  • Comfortable on the stage delivering topics and program
  • Ability to turn difficult presentations into success stories
  • Able to control the mood of an audience
  • Strong storyteller and dynamic speaker
  • A strong sense of teamwork and the ability to both manage and execute programs
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Brings a different dimension to our team
  • MBA/B.A. Political Science, University of Irvine