Larry Brown

Chief Creative Officer

Larry Brown leads the award-winning creative department at Allegra Consulting where he translates evolutionary strategies into bankable campaigns.

Larry oversees all phases of the creative process with an emphasis on design development and digital media. Before joining Allegra Consulting as a partner, Larry forged his career in brand design by mastering all modules of mass media, from traditional advertising and interactive marketing to 3D modeling and product development.

Larry’s 16+ years of overall knowledge and excellence in commercial animation and strategic brand creation, along with his ability to lead as well as follow, gives Allegra Consulting its creative edge.

  • Specialist in environmental graphics, brand identity and messaging development
  • Close to two decades of directing creative design projects
  • Recognized as an accomplished all-media animator
  • Acclaimed leadership in supervising creative development
  • Steadfast, focused, patient, dynamic and detail-oriented
  • Toolbox: Adobe Creative Suite; InDesign, Keyshot Pro-engineer, and Creo
  • B.A. Fresno State, MBA UCLA