Larry Brown

Chief Creative Officer

Larry Brown leads the award-winning creative department at Allegra Consulting where he translates evolutionary strategies into bankable campaigns. 

Larry oversees all phases of the creative process with an emphasis on design development and digital media.

Meera Manek

 Director of Public Information and Outreach

Meera Manek, MBA is a dedicated communicator and outreach/event coordinator with the ability to build consensus and influence change.  As Allegra’s in-house organizational leader and public speaker with experience in community outreach, public speaking, events and meeting facilitation, Meera is an expert at bringing diverse groups together, while promoting the objectives and messaging. 

Zev Smith-Danford
Art Director

Zev serves as our Art Director, where he brings a different dimension to style and creative approach. Zev has cultivated notoriety for his clean, minimal, formalist aesthetic in design and typography. His extensive experience in digital design, art
direction, photography, and branding extends across social media, public and private sectors, as well as for nonprofits, corporations, and individuals. Zev received a B.A. in Journalism from Humboldt State University. Allegra is thankful to have Zev
join their team, Where Brands evolve. Zev is responsible for creating top-level design concepts, brand identities, collateral, and work closely with our graphic design associates.

Sofia Garcia

Director of Communications 

Sofia Garcia is Allegra Consulting’s resident “MacGuyver” when it comes to communicating, coordinating, commissioning, collaborating, and conducting.

Since joining Allegra Consulting in 2010, Sofia’s innate analytical and communication skills allow her to excel in both traditional and digital marketing processes and organization with a primary emphasis on producing well-analyzed, cost-saving, award-winning campaigns.

Brenda Morales
Project Coordinator

Brenda serves as a project coordinator, where she tracks the success and metrics of client projects and programs. Brenda works alongside each team member to ensure that all deliverables are met in the manner that’s best for our clients and project outcomes.  After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in public health with a minor in Spanish at Cal Poly in Pomona, Brenda is now fluent in Spanish and delivers presentations to Spanish communities as needed. Passionate about helping others live healthier lives, Brenda focuses on boosting public health, leadership development, and environmental awareness. Brenda is responsible for providing clients with weekly reports on project status, community outreach, and Spanish language translation at community events.