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Our team utilizes smart tools, technologies and intelligence, when working on strategies, plans, creative briefs and campaigns. We believe in having a good client chemistry, one that works so that the relationship is a win-win.  We aim to be an active listener so that we’re reaching your goals while utilizing Allegra’s 20 plus years of industry knowledge know-how.  Rest assured that ideas, processes, and creative flair will come from the Allegra team and you’ll have access to senior level team members.


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Nicholas Liguori

City of Chino

“Suzanne, I just wanted to thank you and your team for all of the great work you have done on this project. You have really created a lot of good energy over here. The concept, graphics, and slogan are the spark that has started a fire of creativity and embracing our core values. I feel that your work has helped us to better define in our minds who we are and what we do as an organization.

In addition, the displays look great and we are looking forward to our trade show with confidence that we will be a visual standout.

I appreciate our relationship, and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Maggie Le

City of Fountain Valley

 "I’ve personally worked with Allegra Consulting, Inc. for nearly four years and glad that we chose to work with this multifaceted communications firm.  Working with Allegra has changed how we approach marketing a city, economic development and advancing programs. 

Thanks to Allegra Consulting, our City has a dynamic marketing platform that we can use for years to come.  With their assistance and contribution we can now move many of our initiatives in the right direction and realize great results.  The creative work done for Fountain Valley Crossings was phenomenal and now considered the guidepost on how we attract and retain businesses.

The Experience Fountain Valley (EXP FV) Mobile App features an integrated media campaign and has added value and now our constituents are able to go online and download the app which saves them money, while contributing to our local economy.  We had the opportunity to work with Allegra to develop a tapestry segmentation and demographics in a brilliant manner.  Taking complex community profiles can be a challenge and this team did it with ease and very creative.  The Allegra Team always brings creative energy, seasoned insight and powerful research to our economic development programs.  We’re looking forward a long and prosperous relationship with them.”

Kelly Hoppern

Public Health Department

"Working with Allegra on our mental health program has been great. Bringing our ideas to life and the launch of the new campaign will reach the hard to reach youth and their families.  Having the campaign in English and Spanish was critical and your team nailed it!  The brand is colorful and authentic and the imagery used is relevant for our target audience.  Our telephones are ringing and we’re helping families manage real life issues.  Thank you Allegra for being our side-kick on this project! "

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