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Brand Development

We help clients understand their unique strengths, find where they fit in the competitive landscape, define a unique position for each of their brands and establish naming and messaging architectures that create clarity, drive differentiation and produce real business results.

Digital and Multimedia

Evolving at a pace unprecedented in history, digital and multimedia assets are the dominant medium organizations use today to connect with customers, constituents, employees and the public.  At Allegra we develop comprehensive digital and multimedia program using compelling content, disciplined frequency and compelling, user-centric design.  We leverage our digital strategy, UX, content, design and development capabilities to showcase brands across digital channels, devices and emerging platforms.

Integrated Marketing

Once the foundation brand strategy is in place, what’s the best way for each organization to communicate why it’s different from others?  We develop and manage Integrated Marketing programs that include lead generation, sales tools and opportunity-specific bespoke materials and environments that engage the universe of prospects, drive preference and deliver outstanding ROI.


Allegra bridges the gap between consumer-research insight, brand strategy, innovation, and design.

We help organizations come into powerful alignment with their actual value in the marketplace. We replace the limiting world of a client’s perceived value with a bigger perspective fueled by deep understandings. Then we arm leadership with actionable plans for immediate and long-range success.

Our work empowers clients to forge closer connections of greater value, with new and existing customers, for ongoing competitive success.

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Our Passion & Motto

Your success is our success, and our success is your success!

“Effective campaign implementation requires deep experience outside of the boardroom and on the front lines. It requires a keen sensitivity to the constraints imposed by each client’s business and organization. It requires an unflinching, unrelenting, unapologetic attention to detail, because detail is what matters in the real world, and the real world is where brands live or die.”

– Suzanne Madison, President/CEO, Allegra Consulting, Inc.​