Strength In Numbers + Coalition Building

Allegra Consulting has participated in many different Los Angeles County community outreach educational programs. One major tool we have learned from these past experiences is that it is vital for communities to ban together in order to reach a common goal. Whether it’s a community celebration, a fundraiser, or even getting speed bumps put on your streets!

If you are facing an issue in your community, say someone wants to put a train right through your quiet neighborhood, it is likely that many of your fellow neighbors feel strongly about it as well. Everyone knows there is strength in numbers, so the first thing you need to do is build a coalition.

A coalition is a temporary alliance or partnering of groups in order to achieve a common purpose or to engage in joint activity (Beyond Intractability)

When building a coalition, it is important to ensure every member has the same goal in mind and the team works well together. Also, make sure you have plenty of research to back up your argument and remember to use every member’s strength and connections in order to achieve your end goal.

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