These Are the 2019 Social Media Trends You Need to Know About

Digital marketing in 2019 is very different than digital marketing even 5 years ago. Specifically, social media has transformed the way companies market themselves completely. Consumers have spoken and they want authenticity, engagement and relatable content. And this year, the main trends are ones that are being built up depending on your industry and target audience. 

Utilize “Story” Features

This may be the easiest way to open up and start a conversation with your demographic. Over 650 million people watch Instagram & Facebook stories daily, making it an obvious tactic to look into. Utilizing the story feature across Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (with Twitter stories coming soon), gives your company the opportunity to engage with its consumers in a more transparent way.

Viewers want to see relatable content, something that’s engaging; something to spark a conversation. Trying out a range of media lengths and types can create a consistent foundation of content that viewers will come back to; new posts from your page, quotes, memes, announcements, behind the scenes footage, etc. are all great places to start.

 Consider Micro-Influencers

It’s a billion dollar industry, y’all. And goes hand in hand with paid ads (or really it’s paid ads in a new form). While some companies will go the route in starting a partnership with an influencer with over a million followers, micro-influencers have become a beneficial addition to the social marketing plan.


Generally, micro-influencers will have somewhere between 2,000-50,000 followers and solid, consistent engagement. Their followers trust them and what they say, making it easy to convince them to in turn, trust in your brand as well. This type of authentic can create a sense of advocacy that turns long-term and their following will produce a larger reach.


Invest in Video Content

Putting a little more effort into the production of social media content goes a long way. And while impromptu video content works well with reliability for viewers, produced content can be reused across all platforms, from Instagram or Facebook stories to Instagram TV or Facebook Watch. Anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes can turn into memorable, evergreen content; shareable with the opportunity to continue the conversation surrounding your organization for a solid ROI.