Using GIS Technology and Mapping to Reach Customers and New Markets

Allegra is excited to now have a GIS mapping tool in our arsenal of marketing tactics! A geographic information system (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to better understand relationships, patterns, and trends.  Our firm relies on the use of an online GIS platform for better decision making about locations and target markets.   ESRI allows our team to actually see where our target market lives, works and plays. In turn, we are able to present to our clients, in real time, the location of our target market and trends.

GIS benefits our firm in many different ways and for a variety of industries. From mapping a water conservation campaign to determining what communities we should send outreach materials, to mapping real estate professionals for purposes of targeting lending programs. It’s a powerful tool to be able to show our clients targeted communities, demographics and other trends on a map. It’s enormously beneficial to take an Excel spreadsheet with contacts and data, and import this information into the platform. Voila! The map becomes a real-time visualization of specific target markets, industry clusters, gaps and potential opportunities.   This effort is strategic and extremely focused.

By using GIS mapping to support marketing initiatives, this allows the Allegra team to make better decisions for our clients.   GIS-based maps and visualization greatly assists in the understanding and in storytelling. This type of language improves communication between different team members, disciplines, clients, and the public.   At Allegra, we’re always looking for smart tools to enhance how we service our clients and communicate their marketing programs.

As an Addy, Webby and MarCom award-winning marketing firm, Allegra Consulting has a passion for getting to the heart of an organization and delivering first-class branding and marketing programs. With an inter-generational culture, we excel at developing marketing strategies for a variety of clients, including these important public and private sectors that can make or break city branding growth and success. Make sure your next marketing campaign is strategically prepared and reaches the right target audience.