USA Data + how Allegra’s usage keeps ahead of the curve with your business in mind


Let’s talk email marketing. With each year, a new program is created or revised, all claiming to be the most up-to-date and of course, best for your specific company, because that is what companies do. They market themselves as not only the best, but the best for you specifically, generally no matter your brand.

While this is a successful marketing tactic in most cases, being able to back up the talk, talk, talk with statistics and success stories specific to a potential company’s demographic or field of business definitely brings a more personal relation between potential clients; this is also where Allegra Consulting comes in.

An Addy, Webby and MarCom award winning marketing firm based in Pasadena, CA, Allegra Consulting is top ranked and continuously on top of the newest and most effective ways to reach your consumer in unique ways. As it’s common knowledge that just about everyone has an email address and checks their email at least once a day (with professional marketers checking continuously throughout the day in order to grab the best marketing trends for the greatest reach), this communication avenue is on the top of the list of ways to reach your demographic in a most effective way.



USA Data is an effective direct marketing program that we use to expand and increase reach and capabilities in the realm of email marketing. Its notable features are within the planning, testing and execution stages of email marketing, and is used on a regular basis by Allegra Consulting, where brands evolve.

Using USA Data’s demographic search and B2B sales lead features; we can view regularly updated lists with the most reliable consumers to reach to effectively plan your next campaign. If you don’t know the “who” how can you sell the “what?”

Additionally, with various different reports available to receive accurate analysis of past email campaigns, we utilize several aspects of the testing portal to grab demographic compositions of consumers, pinpointing new prospects using USA Data’s Blue Falcon Artificial Intelligence engine to find look-a-like prospects. Talk about taking advantage of technology!

Finally, execution is key. With all the planning and testing Allegra consulting does for each one of their clients,

if the execution strategy isn’t there, everything else is null and void. With USA Data, we’re able to utilize their A/B and diagnostic testing to best optimize your email campaign, as well as managing deployment.

It’s always helpful to know that there is someone on your side and fully engaged every step of the way in order to get the most out of the program. Time is money, so you want to make sure your productivity matches the end result if possible.

As Allegra Consulting continues to utilize this effective platform to best represent and exceed expectations of our clients, it’s no secret that USA Data’s success stretches across so many different industries. We have a passion for getting to the heart of an organization and delivering first-class branding and marketing programs, with email marketing being a large aspect of how we keep our clients happy and relevant in the respective industry.

If this is something that you feel your company could benefit from and want to see a diverse, upbeat and vibrant company that’s been in business for over 21 years take the lead with your business, we urge you to reach out and see how we can invigorate your brand to its highest potential.