Nitpicking at Big Information

At Allegra Consulting, (Where Brands Evolve), we know how important it is to have the perfect marketing plan that’s going to reach the people you need to reach without overwhelming them with information overload. We can help you pick through that big information and find the message you want to drive and the people you want to drive it to.

Nowadays, there is so much information readily available at your fingertips. The market research industry has been growing monumentally in accordance with the data pool increase (article here). Today marketing any business or project requires filtering through piles and piles of information to pull out the facts you really need. At Allegra Consulting, we are very specific in what we look for and refine big information to fit situations with the smaller target audiences you need to reach.

We understand when managing at you’re level you’re often faced with miles of columns and rows of data to filter through to see what is relevant. But how do you determine what’s truly relevant? Here are some simple tips to remember:

  1. Know your target audience.

What are you trying to sell? A product/service is generally meant for a specific demographic. Find your target audience. It’s better to market to less people so you’re not spending money to reach those who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Read our article on quality over quantity here.

  1. Find an appropriate number of responses you can handle.

Keep in mind that response rate is generally 1to 2%. The information you are gathering is intended to create a pool of contacts, but make sure you are creating an appropriate pool size. You don’t want to overwhelm with a number you can’t handle.

  1. Niche market!

Niche marketing is focusing on a specific group of people to market to, depending on how they fit into a category. Sometimes sacrificing one demographic in order to fully tend and market to another is a good choice when building a marketing strategy. By doing this, you’re marketing can target a distinct group and can make it more personable. This also reduces one of those piles of information that you’ll be dealing with.

In many situations, the plethora of data can be intimidating. Just remember to be purposeful in your search for relevant information—not all that glitters is gold.

Remember, at Allegra Consulting, Where Brands Evolve is our mantra and our goal is to help you invigorate your business. We know in this busy world, you don’t have time to keep up with the latest, ever-changing trends in marketing and social media. Well, leave that part to us! We’ve been helping businesses get their messages out in an upbeat, vibrant manner with first-class branding and marketing programs that will help keep your clients and customers engaged and interested!