Standing Out From the Crowd – Brand Positioning

Your brand is not one single concept. Rather, every brand deals with a wide range of priorities, from conveying personality and purpose, to the brand’s historical position in the industry landscape. The many intersections within a brand can easily become overwhelming, and the consumer relationship to the brand difficult to articulate. What is a brand relationship, really? A Brand Relationship Matrix is one tool organizations can use to better visualize the many facets and layers of their brand. Allegra Consulting provides clients with a systematic approach toward analyzing your brand’s architecture.

Our precision measurement tool and approach supports aligning a brand with its personality, shared values, community, and target markets. Our team evaluates a brand’s aspirational self-Image, noble purpose, internal culture and values, and capabilities.

The Brand Relationship Matrix approach may seem simple to put together, but is powerful in practice. Our matrix can become part of your overall marketing plan, helping to direct visual strategies and become a source of new inspiration. For example, different marketing campaigns might focus on different aspects of your brand architecture. One marketing campaign might focus on conveying the warmth of your organizational personality. Another campaign might focus on the aspirational aspects of your brand, while another might emphasize your organization’s capabilities and unique history. By drawing out the various aspects of your brand architecture into a matrix, you create new possibilities for growth. Making sure that your brand is aligned with core values and strengths can help your business or agency stand out from the crowd.