Larry Brown

Chief Creative Officer

Larry Brown leads the award-winning creative department at Allegra Consulting where he translates evolutionary strategies into bankable campaigns. 

Larry oversees all phases of the creative process with an emphasis on design development and digital media.

Meera Manek

 Director of Public Information and Outreach

Meera Manek, MBA is a dedicated communicator and outreach/event coordinator with the ability to build consensus and influence change.  As Allegra’s in-house organizational leader and public speaker with experience in community outreach, public speaking, events and meeting facilitation, Meera is an expert at bringing diverse groups together, while promoting the objectives and messaging. 

Richard Chartier

Senior Creative Director

Richard Chartier’s ability to infuse every project with his creative directorial gifts and strategic analytical expertise has been a significant advantage for Allegra Consulting and, most importantly, for our clients. Richard is a recognized inventor of new ideas for traditional and digital media, and a master at exacting both simple and complex marketing plans based on client specifications.

Sofia Garcia

Director of Communications 

Sofia Garcia is Allegra Consulting’s resident “MacGuyver” when it comes to communicating, coordinating, commissioning, collaborating, and conducting.

Since joining Allegra Consulting in 2010, Sofia’s innate analytical and communication skills allow her to excel in both traditional and digital marketing processes and organization with a primary emphasis on producing well-analyzed, cost-saving, award-winning campaigns.

Kevin McGuire

Copywriter and   Editor 

Kevin, our copywriting/editor and quality control expert, will be responsible for keeping copy polished, professional, and error-free.  Kevin previously managed an award-winning magazine and digital publication for nine years and brings to Allegra strong copywriting and quality control skills. A published writer, who has covered topics in the areas of news, government and sports for websites and newspapers, Kevin’s approach to writing copy is professional, clean, and fluid.