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Using big data and smart tools to create branding programs and visualization projects.

Award winning Allegra Consulting is changing the way brands connect and engage with audiences. We’re an interdisciplinary strategy, design and experience agency that builds strong brands and organizational cultures through: 

  • Brand Strategy and Design
  • Geographic Mapping
  • 360-degree Lifestyle Research
  • Digital and Multimedia Experiences
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns


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Accelerating your success with a strong brand, strategy and culture… check out the latest!

Power in You

Brand Evolution, Strategy, Visual Design

Linda Woodson Dermatology

Communication, Visual Design

San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

Brand Evolution, Communication, Strategy

Pasadena Water and Power

Brand Evolution, Visual Design

Fountain Valley Mobile App

Brand Evolution, Strategy

Los Angeles County SMART Funding

Communication, Strategy

The News.

Take a peek under our hood…

Where Brands Evolve is a blog inspired by the work of the award-winning Pasadena marketing firm, Allegra Consulting, Inc.

At Allegra, we’re passionate about delivering world-class brand evolution. But what exactly does brand evolution mean? Let’s take a peek under the hood at the process here at Allegra: Where Brands Evolve.

First, we work with our clients to identify long-term strategies for a sustainable brand advantage. Our goal is to provide enduring value through bold, memorable and appropriate brand identity programs. This includes conducting brand research on architecture, creative alignment, brand touch points, and how to inspire action. We then blend our cutting-edge creative design and brand know-how to communicate an organization’s core persona, giving brands the edge they need.

Second, we keep an eye on what’s new and innovative, and what brand elements stand the test of time. Times change, people change, and the identities of some organizations change right along with them. Some organizations simply need a refresh to bring their contemporary brand in alignment with their solid reputation. Some organizations might need to integrate new strategies to re-focus, re-energize, and re-position their brand.

Whatever the situation, Allegra Consulting is where evolution happens.


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